A Facelift for the Birthday Girl!

Our house is 130 years old this year, and isn’t she a beauty?!

Well, she had been looking a bit shabby, with faded and peeling paint and stained gutters.

The porch was painted last year, but the new colors didn’t match the old ones.

Tony swore he’d move rather than paint this house, with its multiple colors, intricate details, whole house trim, and high peaks. Well, here we are almost 8 years later, and we haven’t moved yet! So… he painted it!

EO “helps” Tony with the sprayer.

I chose a base color that was a little more gray (Behr Letter Gray) without the brown undertones that were in the old color, but it’s pretty hard to tell the difference in photos.

The wall near the ladder had just been sprayed as Tony started on the front of the house.

While Tony did 96.5% of the painting himself, even the high peaks, any accent colors were my responsibility. I also helped with some of the white trim.

35 flowers painted and just 97 to go!

The flowers still aren’t finished, but I’ve enjoyed laying in the kids’ saucer swing and admiring our handiwork!

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1 Response to A Facelift for the Birthday Girl!

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    It’s a spectacular home!!

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