Christmas pillows!

Remember a few years ago when I made His and Hers pillows for the library? Well, now the kiddos will have their own too! These are the Christmas presents I was working on last weekend.

I had forgotten just how easy these pillows are to make! After sewing the envelope covers, I used my machine to design and cut stencils of the kids’ names.

Then I used a Sharpie to color inside the lines!

A Sharpie!

It took longer than I remembered to color in, but I think that had something to do with the age of my marker!

Both covers went into the dryer for 20 minutes to set the ink, then I added the pillow forms.

Charlie Puppy has his own pillow too, but I couldn’t find it for these photos. I just might need to make him a new one!

I’m so excited for EO to open his pillow at Christmas. I think he’ll love it!

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Family Photos

Kids are napping, Christmas music is playing in the background, and I’m taking a break from making Christmas presents (more on that later!) to share our latest family photos. My Facebook feed has been packed with others who took advantage of the beautiful Fall color, and now we get to join the crowd. Our pics were snapped at the end of October, but it was worth the wait! Get ready for photo overload…

After we got the flash drive with all the images, I narrowed it down to my top 50 or so faves. Don’t worry, I didn’t include all 50 here!

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Thanks and Stockings

Look who’s 8 months old tomorrow!

We never travel for Thanksgiving, but the kids won’t see their grandparents this year at Christmas. So, last week we loaded up and made the drive to Tony’s hometown in South Dakota.

You can see we had a full vehicle (Thanks, again, Wagner Fam for the use of the van!) with both kiddos and Uncle Ben. Charlie was back there too!

The 500 mile drive went really well! EO’s backpack was loaded with books, play doh, and crayons, and the snack bag had plenty of cheese and clementines to occupy a little boy. We only had to stop twice, so we made the trip in about 9 hours.

Yes, he’s wearing his socks on his hands. I had him all tucked in with a quilt, but when I woke from my own power nap, this is what I saw!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving visit with the grandparents, and I even had time for a project!

I bought these stockings with all my Christmas ornaments 13 years ago, and I love them! They’re not a family heirloom or anything, but I still love pulling them out each year. Anyway, now that our family is complete, it was time to personalize the stockings. I mean, Santa has to know whose is whose, right?!

Using a tip I found on Pinterest, I traced over the script directly from my computer screen onto tissue paper (made more challenging with a touchscreen!), pinned the paper to the stockings, and sewed right along the lines.

I don’t have extensive experience with hand embroidery. My mom used to buy me craft kits when I was a kid, and I know just one style of stitch. It was enough to complete this simple project, though. The paper did rip quite a bit as I stitched, but what was left at the end pulled off easily.

Now the stockings are all hung and ready for Santa to fill them later this month!

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Reflections… and Halloween!

Time. Oh goodness, people! Someday I will have time again! Someday I won’t need to spend hours each night on the couch feeding the baby. There won’t be so many loads of diapers to wash and prep. There will be fewer loads of spit-up induced laundry to do, period. I hope! And when that day comes, I know I will desperately miss these days, no matter how exhausted I am right now!

So, there haven’t been many projects happening around our house lately, but there has been lots of snuggles and hang-out time!

EO is now sleeping in his big boy bed full time, and he’s loving it! He cracks us up daily with all the things he says. Today he told me, “You not sad, Mommy [because I won’t hug you], you is perfect.” Gem is crawling, for goodness sakes! She’s enthralled with the world around her, and most especially, with her big bro.

Recently I did carve out time to work on the kids’ Halloween costumes. EO loves Curious George, so he’s going to be The Man in the Yellow Hat and Gem will be George. Here they both are before a party we attended a couple weeks ago. It’s no easy feat to snap a photo of these two, and I think this is the best one I got!

I found a white shirt and pants at the thrift store and used a double dose of Rit Dye to get The Man’s lemony-yellow digs. The hat was a little trickier, though. First, I fashioned an XL compass with the side of a cereal box, a screwdriver, and a Sharpie. Using the circle I drew, I cut out two circular pieces of yellow felt to make the hat’s brim. I sewed those together on the outside edge and flipped the seam inside out in an attempt to strengthen the brim flat. It didn’t work, so Tony cut me a big circle of cardboard to stuff inside.

And for those of you who think I never make mistakes, I learned the hard way that you can’t iron felt! So I got to repeat that first step… and clean my iron! Oops!

For the body of the hat I sewed a cylinder of felt and pinched it inward at the top to create the taper. It’s far from perfect, but EO was psyched when we showed it to him!

Scraps of felt for the tie and a pair of Tony’s old socks repurposed as boots complete the ensemble.

Sweet Gem’s costume was a deal on eBay. It’s basically a sleeper with ears and a tail! Way better than what I could have done myself, and warm so she’ll be ready for a cold Kansas Halloween.

This year will be EO’s first time trick-or-treating. I can’t wait to see his face when he finds out the neighbors are going to give him candy!

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Oregon with the Fam

Tony and I love to travel. And we’re good at it, too! You may remember that a few years ago we traveled through Europe for a month with just one carryon bag each.

Then we had children, and this happened:

I had the two children, EO’s backpack, and the diaper bag. Tony had our two suitcases, the two car seats, the double stroller, our Pack’n’Play for EO to sleep in, and the Stand Up Paddle board! Traveling light is not something we can do these days. Nonetheless, we had an excellent time on our recent trip to Oregon!

The first part of our vacay was spent in the Columbia River Gorge area. Just over an hour east of Portland and nestled between Mount Adams in Washington state and Mount Hood in Oregon, the Hood River Valley is beautiful and lush. Here’s a view of the mountain as we drove to our first hiking spot:

This road is part of what’s known as The Fruit Loop as there are fruit farms all along the road. During nap time one day I actually went and picked fresh cherries at Draper Girl’s Fresh Fruit Farm!

I estimate it took me about 45 minutes to pick approximately 9lb. of cherries, and the only reason it took that long was I had to climb both trees! Totally worth it – they were delicious!

The highlight of our time in Hood River was definitely the hiking. Edmond loved seeing all the waterfalls. This one was right off the scenic Historic Highway and a short walk up a steep hill – Latourel Falls.

We spent one whole morning hiking to the Tamanawas Falls, a waterfall at the end of a gorgeous 2 mile trail. As we set out in the morning we thought, “Hmm, it may not be the smartest decision to take our 2 year old on a 4 mile hike…” but EO was a trouper. He walked the whole thing by himself!

The falls at the end of the hike were gorgeous, and the mist was refreshing as the day started to warm up.

On a different day we stopped at the Gorge White House, an old farmhouse along the Fruit Loop with a food truck.

The food was fantastic, and we really enjoyed sipping our hard cider flight with this as our view.

While I’m not sure we’d stay in Hood River again in the future, there were a lot of great things about the town. On Friday night they closed a couple blocks of Main Street for a big block party. The ice cream shop was delicious! And they had an incredible Riverfront Park for kids.

On our way to meet up with the rest of the fam, we stopped to see my brother! We hadn’t seen him for years, and EO was psyched to meet Uncle David!

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Diaper Drying Rack

We’ve been cloth diapering for just over two years now and have gone through no less than 3 of those darn metal drying racks! Finally I started searching for other options and came across some old crib rails on the Marketplace. They have been fantastic for air drying diapers, especially now that we’re washing every other day with two kids in cloth!

Well, EO’s recent rocker project inspired me to pull out a couple more cans of paint.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE a good spray paint project?

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Rocker Makeover

Last weekend we were taking a family walk to the park and stopped in at a yard sale. They had several old rocking chairs, and this one was just the right size for EO.

We don’t typically bring cash to the park, so Tony and EO walked back later to pick up the chair. Apparently EO pulled the $10 bill from his pocket and handed over his “moneys” with such pride! He was very excited to be buying it himself!

The chair was in great shape, but the finish was clearly dated. Luckily I had a couple cans of yellow (marigold, to be more specific) spray paint in the closet!

I love a good spray paint project – so quick and satisfying. And let’s face it, that’s all I really have time for these days!

Now I just need to make the little man his own pillow for his chair, like mommy and daddy have for theirs!

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Party Time!

Last weekend we celebrated EO’s 2nd birthday on Saturday AND Gem’s baptism on Sunday. Talk about a whirlwind. Tony’s parents aren’t able to visit often, so it made sense to celebrate both events while they were able to attend, but that made for a very busy weekend!

We had a little backyard BBQ for the birthday party with a bit of a train theme. EO’s cake said “ChugaChuga Two Two” and we set up the train set all around the table. He raced around the table pushing the train for a solid half hour before guests started to arrive. That’s a long time for a toddler to stick with one activity!

To add a little height to the tablescape, I strung twine between two chunks of scrap 4×4 and put pictures from the last year on them (see photo above). After the family and neighbors left that night it was easy to switch things over to celebrate our Little Lady the next morning. We just put away the train, switched the photos out, and added some flowers from the front yard.

That way the table was all ready to go for brunch after the church service.

EO totally stole the show during the service! He climbed all over the altar, then strolled down the aisle with the pastor and Gemma as she was introduced to the congregation, and he never once glanced back at us! He would have walked right out the door if the pastor hadn’t called him back!

We all had a lot of fun… and we all took long naps on Sunday afternoon!

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Porch Sign

I’ve been LOVING my time with my little Gem. She is a spirited little lady who loves to move but also loves to cuddle! I can’t believe she’s 6 weeks old already! (Okay, technically she’s almost 7 weeks old now, but Tony and I both were struck with the stomach flu before I could finish taking the pictures for this post. Neither of us has seen the other that sick. Ever. And we’ve known each other for twelve years!)

And I can’t believe how little time has passed. It seems both like she just arrived but also that she’s been here forever. Isn’t time crazy like that?

I LOVE cuddling on the couch like this, but I have been itching to do a project! I had just the one too – a big sign for the back porch. We’ve been spending a lot more time outside lately, and every time we do, that blank wall just stares back at me begging for some attention! (And a new coat of paint… but that’s a project for another day.)

Tony was home the last couple weeks, and he found the perfect scrap of wood for my vision.

I primed and painted both sides of the board. Then I used my machine to cut out the letters and dry brushed the paint over the stencil.

It was missing something though.

Mom suggested a border, so an old stamp and the same paint gave me just the right look very quickly.

Now it’s hung…

…and will be ready for this little man’s 2nd birthday party this weekend!!

Goodness! A two year old?!

Update: Love the look of this spot at night!

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New Addition!

One week ago today we welcomed Little Miss Gemma Pearl into the world. On Tuesday, April 3rd at 8:33pm, she weighed 7lb. 4 oz. and was 19 inches long – a petite little thing just like her momma!

Gemma was due on April 7th, but we’d told her to come on Tuesday because it meant she could be delivered by the midwife and that Momma’s maternity leave could extend to the end of the school year. Gem listened well, but though I had contractions on and off all through the school day, things didn’t really get rolling until dinnertime that evening. She missed the midwife, but luckily the on-call doctor listened when I called, and all made it to the hospital in plenty of time.

Edmond was excited to hold his new “siser”… For about 8 seconds.

He asks to give her a kiss when he wakes up in the morning, but then he’s ready to start playing. His main coping technique right now seems to be becoming terribly independent. We hear “Edmond do it!” about a million times a day! : )

Charlie is settling in too and readjusting to nighttime feedings. He doesn’t even stir anymore. All in all, we feel so blessed to be a family of 5 – 4 humans and a canine!

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