Beauty and Spell Check

We’ve been  here now for over 6 months and I still cannot get over how much beauty is all around us.  Last week I was running errands after school and saw this as I was turning out of the grocery store car park.

How often do you see such a clear and complete rainbow?!  If you look really carefully, you can actually see that this is a double rainbow, but the second one didn’t come through so well on the photo.

And then, of course, there is the stupidity.  I can’t get used to that either.  Amelia, another BVI Blogger, often runs a Signage Sunday post.  Amelia – I’m officially submitting this one to you!

We saw this at the base of the hill up to our house.  I understand that spelling skills are not related to intelligence… but wouldn’t an intelligent person use a dictionary/ computer/ phone/ friend before hanging a sign up for all to see??

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